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#iEMPATHY Community Engagement: Empowering Abule Iroko Against Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking

In a resounding effort to address the critical issues of irregular migration and human trafficking, DSWHUB orchestrated a dynamic community engagement event in the vibrant setting of Abule Iroko. This impactful gathering, attended by community leaders, stakeholders, and residents alike, served as a pivotal platform for fostering awareness and initiating open dialogues that resonate beyond the event.

At the heart of the event was the spotlight on the ongoing iEMPATHY Campaign, a crucial component of The Migrant Project. Under the thematic focus of "Amplifying Women's Voices in Migration Decision-Making," the campaign takes a proactive stance in empowering women to play a central role in shaping migration choices.

Expert insights shared by representatives of the Comptroller of MMIA Command added a practical dimension, offering invaluable advice to women. The emphasis was on making informed decisions to prevent the perils of human trafficking and irregular migration. This not only provided actionable guidance but also underscored the commitment to equipping individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate complex choices.

The Oniroko of Iroko Land, His Royal Highness, Oba (ARC) Olusegun Ayinde Feyijinmi Iroko, graced the occasion and emphasized the pivotal role of community-led initiatives. His call for collective action resonated, highlighting the power of communities coming together to tackle societal challenges.

Looking ahead, DSWHUB, under the dedicated leadership of Executive Director Mrs. Abosede Otukpe, reaffirms its commitment to ongoing collaboration with the Abule Iroko community. Future initiatives will be strategically designed to further foster awareness, deepen understanding, and empower informed decision-making within the community.

As we collectively navigate towards a more informed and resilient society, stay connected with DSWHUB on social media for updates and engagement opportunities. Join us on this journey of empowerment

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