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Overview: In the face of Nigeria's economic challenges and the "Japa Syndrome," Denny Social Welfare Hub (DSWHUB) launches the Information Empowerment Against Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking (I-EMPATHY) campaign, a part of The Migrant Project. This initiative focuses on empowering vulnerable women and potential migrants through information, awareness, and addressing underlying factors.

Key Messages: The I-EMPATHY campaign aims to amplify women's voices in migration decision-making, promoting safer, informed choices.

Objectives: Aligned with the German Feminist Policy, the project focuses on Rights, Representation, and Resources. Objectives include promoting Women's Human Rights, increasing Participation and Leadership, amplifying Voices on Migration Issues, informing about Risks, and empowering Women in Decision Making.

Target Audience: Empowering young women at risk due to economic hardships, the project engages families, communities, local authorities, and NGOs. Collaborations with experts and gender-focused organisations ensure a broad reach

Challenges: Irregular migration from Nigeria stems from insecurity, unemployment, and limited opportunities, leading to dangerous routes and exploitation.

Baseline - Women's Role in Migration Decision Making: Family dynamics often drive migration decisions, leading to exploitation. The campaign addresses social pressures, misconceptions, and the desire for societal status.

Communication on Women's Rights: Addressing Nigeria's gender challenges, the campaign tackles discriminatory laws, cultural norms, and stereotypes, empowering women in the context of irregular migration.

Expected Behavioral Change: Encouraging safer alternatives to irregular migration, the campaign provides benefits such as avoiding exploitation and building a secure future. Barriers include misinformation and family influence, countered by empowerment through information and community support.

Join us in empowering women to make informed choices about their future, steering them away from the dangers of irregular migration and human trafficking informed, be empowered

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