Denny Social Welfare Hub

Women’s Hub programme

Aiming to promote and protect women’s rights particularly the right to health and development with particular emphasis on expression, economic freedom and reproductive health issues such as safe and healthy pregnancy, childbirth, care and access to treatment, DSWHUB combines research, capacity building and education to enlighten women about their health and the impact of the environment.

As an extension of this programme, the Women’s Forum provides counseling, vocational training and micro-credit services to economically empower vulnerable women and girls, including returnees (victims of human trafficking) to reduce their susceptibility to high risk behaviour due to poverty, enable them face economic challenges and realize their rights.

Child and Family Care programme

Under this programme, DSWHUB works to secure the protection and promotion of the health and development of children and family DSWHUB utilizes information sharing, capacity building and advocacy to actively promote their sexuality and reproductive health and eradication of practices that adversely impact upon their health and development such as certain menstrual hygiene practices and FGM. DSWHUB protect the rights of children in conflict with the law and support children in contact with the law.

Health & Environment programme

This programme provides information, education and intervention on healthy environment and development issues. The programme focuses on prevention, care, and support for communities, especially vulnerable women and children live healthy productive lives.

Community Development programme

Designed to promote community health and development, this programme seeks to:

  1. Build and sustain community consciousness towards the environment by encouraging the adoption of proper practices that eradicate social vices or reduce susceptibility to environmental diseases that adversely affect human health, and reduces their quality of life.
  2. Support community integration process of vulnerable women, girls, returnees and protecting migrant children.
  3. Preventing child exploitation and abuse.

Advocacy & Access to Justice programme

This programme provides free legal support to individuals and groups in the assertion of their rights, particularly the right to health, a healthy environment, social amenities and development. It seeks to bring social and economic justice to the poor, marginalized groups and individuals of the community through legal counseling, education and strategic intervention in litigation. It also supports widows probate matters.