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Denny Social Welfare Hub (DSWHUB) is a non-profit social service organization committed to build communities in promoting their health, welfare of children and marginalized families through education, empowerment, capacity building, intervention programmes and participating in the design and implementation of policies in advancing social economic inclusion & development of returned migrants and victims of human trafficking to support their reintegration experience and to prevent re-trafficking.

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Denny Social Welfate Hub joined  Female Returnees Forum of Nigeria & Our Nation For Justice Initiative to raise awareness on the dangers of human trafficking to marked the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, July 30, 2020. The 3 stakeholders sensitized the people of Latawa Town in Sagamu. OGUN State 

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Menstruation Hygiene Day, May 8,2020

Denny Social Welfate Hub @dswhub joined the World today to Celebrate Menstruation Hygiene Day, May 8,2020
Periods don’t stop for pandemi…

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