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Nurturing Seeds of Awareness: DSWHUB's Impactful iEMPATHY Campaign at Igamode Grammar School

In a significant stride toward shaping a safer future, Denny Social Welfare Hub (DSWHUB) recently conducted a #iEMPATHY campaign at Igamode Grammar School, aligning with The Migrant Project. This collaborative initiative with educational institutions aims to educate and empower the younger generatio…

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#iEMPATHY Market Sensitisation: Amplifying Women's Voices Against Irregular Migration at Trade-fair International Market

In a strategic move to promote safer migration choices, Denny Social Welfare Hub (DSWHUB) recently took the lead in a targeted awareness campaign at the vibrant Trade-fair International Market in Lagos. Central to The Migrant Project, this initiative, steered by the dedicated commitment of Mrs. Abos…

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#iEMPATHY Community Engagement: Empowering Abule Iroko Against Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking

In a resounding effort to address the critical issues of irregular migration and human trafficking, DSWHUB orchestrated a dynamic community engagement event in the vibrant setting of Abule Iroko. This impactful gathering, attended by community leaders, stakeholders, and residents alike, served as a …

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Unveiling DSWHUB's #iEMPATHY Campaign

In a world marked by movement and migration, Denny Social Welfare Hub (DSWHUB) steps into the forefront with its empowering Information Empowerment Against Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking (#iEMPATHY) campaign, challenging the narrative and advocating for informed choices.

As the world w…

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